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Google’s partners in China are beginning to sever ties with the Internet giant following the company’s decision to quit self censoring in the country and redirect searches to Google in Hong Kong.

However, there are plenty of companies lining up to take Google’s Chinese search business.

The portal, owned by the Hong Kong tycoon Li Kai Shing, has quit offering on its pages and replaced it with on Wednesday.

Google quits censoring search in China

The move is a path likely to be repeated by Google’s Chinese partners. In 2009, Baidu had 60 percent of the Chinese search market while Google’s share is about a third, according to Analysys International, a Beijing-based research firm.

Since Google announced on January 12 it may exit China, Baidu stock prices have increased nearly 50 percent.

“In the near term, Baidu will be the biggest beneficiary,” said Edward Yu, president of Analysys International. “For middle and long term views, there are other competitors that may be advancing and trying to capture the market share Google left.”