About The Travel Scientists

So who are we, telling you how to travel and all that?

The Travel Scientists was founded by Mr. Aravind, a young Indian entrepreneur & adventurer living partly in Budapest, Hungary and Chennai, India. While racing through Mauritania many years ago, huddled beneath a rusty Lada in the midst of a massive sandstorm, inspiration struck:
– “Is there anything I could be doing that’s even crazier than this?”
And thus was born, a few short months later, the very first ‘Rickshaw Challenge‘ and the core of what would become The Travel Scientists.

Rickshaw Challenge

Racing across Southern India in the middle of the monsoon season indeed proved to be much crazier than a desert road rally, and we soon attracted a number of fellow travelers dedicated to the spirit of discovery… and mild insanity!

Now our ‘Rickshaw Challenge‘ is much imitated by lesser copycats, but that has only added laurels to our reputation as the best & boldest among modern-day conquistadors.

Caucasian Challenge

As our legion of dedicated fanatics has grown, so has our drive to reward them with increasingly exciting excursions. We opened our Budapest office in 2008 to launch several new circuits, including the ‘Caucasian Challenge‘ through the notorious Eastern European conflict zones of the 1990s.

Not even the immediate outbreak of the Georgia-Russia War that year could interrupt our exploration of the spectacular Caucasus Mountains!

Central Asia Rally

Due to the high demand from our fellow travelers, we go further East in 2012. The brand new product of our lunatic scientists takes you to the very heart of mystic Central Asia.

Driving through fabled medieval cities and remote villages of the Silk Road all the way to the Pamir Mountains (a.k.a the roof of the World) the Central Asia Rally is an extraordinary trip leading you to the perfect place to re-discover real adventure.

India’s Cup

See India differently from the seats of the iconic Hindustan Ambassador. Tackle the infamous Indian roads in an Indian car that is no longer in production. Drive through incredible South Indian landscape and go off the beaten track to find the real India. Bounce across dusty roads, tackle the winding routes through the Western Ghats and the potholes on the way to the ancient city of Hampi on this Indian motor adventure.

Baltic Run

Feeling lethargic after the winter holidays? Then kick start the new year with an Arctic adventure to remember from Krakow, Poland all the way up to Tallinn, Estonia at the tip of the Baltic States. We’ll race across frozen lakes and stretches of seas, explore Soviet relics and see in the New Year in Lithuania. Shed off the winter blues and hit the ice with other crazy, like-minded adventurers as we explore some of Europe’s most underrated countries.

Wild West Challenge

Rev off into a land of extremes in our inaugural US rally from Los Angeles to Las Vegas across the great American deserts! Adventure is not dead in America, and we’re going to show you that you can find it among canyons and dusty roads as we follow in the footsteps of Bronco Billy and Clint Eastwood, looking for all the funny clichés behind High Noon and swinging saloon doors.


Life today is so fast so why not slow down a little and let life drift you by as you sit back on a bull cart and enjoy the real India. However, travelling old Indian roads by bull cart is an adventure in itself, since these bulls can hit up to 40km an hour. But we’ll get the chance to explore India’s culture, cuisine and performing arts on this “slow” tour around Madurai. Do something different – burn incense, not rubber!

Today, our dedicated adventure research staff has expanded into a bona fide team of ‘Travel Scientists’ who have turned their backs on a normal, 9-to-5 life. Instead, we have leaped head-first into the opportunity to live our passion: to study, develop, create, and share opportunities for adventure travel, voyages of discovery, and the chance to participate in experiences that very few men & women even dream of.

Now that doesn’t sound too bad, does it!

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