Oct. 5 – 11, 2024
7 days
Chennai to Chennai, 950 km


The Tamilnadu Run is an amazing adventure in India from The Travel Scientists. It takes you in a huge loop out of Chennai on the coast of the Bay of Bengal through the stunning landscape of Tamil Nadu and allowing you to explore the real India away from the tourist crowds, and all whilst on the three wheels of one of our trusty iconic auto rickshaws.

Experience this superb journey through Southern India at a speed that allows you free reign to interact with the people of this fabulously friendly region making this trip to India the very best way to see the sights, savor the culture and revel in the history that awaits around every corner of this fantastic route.

Experience and local knowledge are the cornerstones of The Travel Scientists’ approach, and we promise you an adventure in India you’ll never forget. Whether you go bare-bones and work the details out for yourself, or let us give you the full experience with far fewer of the hassles with our standard or deluxe packages, you’ll never forget the Tamilnadu Run, this epic voyage into the heart of India’s most stunning region.


Although you may stop anywhere you wish along the way the Tamilnadu Run will be passing through some of the most significant and aesthetically astonishing places and there are some sights we suggest you shouldn’t miss out on!

   Dig your toes into the sand of Chennai’s Marina Beach after shopping for souvenirs.
   Drive through the streets of Pondicherry with their French colonial buildings.
   Relax on Pondicherry’s beaches.
   Visit Brihadeeswarar Temple, one of India’s largest temples.
   Drive through the fruit gardens of Yercaud Hillstation and enjoy the scenery.
   Walk with the gods in Tiruvannamalai’s Annamalaiyar Temple.



Day 1 (5-Oct-24)

Events in Chennai
Get in the spirit of the Tamilnadu Run, with a range of events and challenges in and around Chennai testing your skills before you begin the journey of a lifetime into the ancient heart of India.

Day 2 (6-Oct-24)

Practice in Chennai
Familiarize yourself with your new three-wheeled vehicle and learn how to control it in the bustling streets of of Chennai with its ancient temples and gorgeous scenery ready to take to the open road.

Day 3 (7-Oct-24)

Chennai to Puducherry
Head for the simply amazing Paradise Beach in Puducherry as you zip down the coast of the Bay of Bengal through the beautiful landscape and wildlife of Southern India.

Day 4 (8-Oct-24)

Puducherry to Thanjavur
Ride inland next to the Kollidam River towards the ancient temples of Thanjavur including the magnificent Brihadeeshawara and Garbarakshambigai temples and Gangaikonda Cholapuram.

Day 5 (9-Oct-24)

Thanjavur to Yercaud (Salem)
Journey to Yercaud with its stunning views over the surrounding countryside from Pagoda and Karadiyur View points and the Killyur Falls which make this one of the most amazing places in the region.

Day 6 (10-Oct-24)

Yercaud (Salem) to Thiruvannamalai
Through the hills threading a path from Yercaud to Thiruvannamalai the sights and sounds of India will blur as you race towards this city famous for its Sri Ramana Ashram and Arunachaleshwara Temple.

Day 7 (11-Oct-24)

Thiruvanamalai to Chennai
Blaze your way to the finish in Chennai for the traditional closing ceremonies and our world famous post-event drinks party to celebrate the completion of this fabulous journey through the south of India, your Tamilnadu Run.



Prices per team of up to 3 people.

  Package Basic
Hotel Not Included
Hotel Included
Hotel Included
  Price €1330
Per Team
Per Team
Per Team

Deposit: We ask for a 750 Euro deposit on each Rickshaw which may sound pricey but provides ample deterrent against event participants wrapping their new transport around the nearest tree for the sheer hell of it (we have found). The deposit also acts as an expense account for any repairs that need doing along the way that some of our more adventurous packages don’t cover.


General Services Basic Standard Deluxe
Auto Rickshaw
Luggage Truck Service
Medical Kit
Tool Box
Navigational sheet (Day Plans)
Event Shirt
Sim Card
In-Auto Rickshaw WiFi
Hotel Package
Airport Pick up
Storage of valuables in Safety car
Mobile Phone
Road Map, Phrase Book
Event Cap
Team T-shirts
Airport Drop

Vehicle Maintenance Basic Standard
Overnight Checkup Team pays for parts and labour Team pays for parts, labour free Fully Covered
On the Road Service Team pays for parts and labour Team pays for parts, labour free Fully Covered
Breakage Team pays for broken parts/fittings Team pays for broken parts/fittings Fully Covered

Pimping Basic Standard
Rickshaw Entertainment Package Budget Standard
Rickshaw Painting Package Budget Extreme
Vehicle Horn Dynamo Musical horn Musical horn
Water bottle holder
DC Out
Comfortable Seats
New Tyres and Tubes