Central Asia
14 days
Astrakhan to Bishkek, 6,500km


Starting at the gateway to Asia, Astrakhan, this minimal support motor rally will see you experience the true staggering beauty of this region’s varied landscape as you journey through Central Asia passing deserts and mountains, lush verdant valleys and over towering peaks till you reach Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, after 6,500km that you will never forget.

From the wonders of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan to the sands of Uzbekistan, from the streets and bustling traffic of Tajikistan’s Dushanbe to a brief moment over the Afghanistan border, this is an exploration not just of the history, culture and people of this region, nor of routes to Kyrgyzstan, but of your own endurance, skill and determination to get to each new destination as you explore Central Asia.

For over a decade The Travel Scientists have provided a range of exotic adventures to far flung places. This is no ordinary trip to Central Asia, and whilst we can offer packages that range from bare-bones DIY rallying participation to those with hotels thrown in, this will be an journey of discovery and adventure that will challenge you to get where you’re going regardless.


Whilst obviously you can stop as and where you please during the Central Asia Rally we at The Travel Scientists don’t want you to miss any of the unique attractions this adventure in Central Asia has to offer!

   Explore the Volga delta and Astrakhan.
   Cross the never-ending steppe of Kazakhstan.
   Drive through the dry bed of the “late” Aral Sea among its shipwrecks in the sand.
   Visit the ancient Silk Road cities of Khiva and Bukhara.
   Marvel at Samarkand and its amazing architecture, once seat of the great emperor Tamerlane.
   Drive through the Kyzyl Kum desert.
   Check out the Tajik capital Dushanbe.
   Dushanbe Ride along the border of Afghanistan.
   Check out a real Afghan market.
   Drive all the way on the legendary Pamir Highway above 4000 meters.
   Drive through fascinating high altitude deserts.
   See some wonderful canyons in Kyrgyzstan.
   Sleep in yurts in Kyrgyzstan.
   Party in the Kyrgyz capital in Bishkek.




Day 1

Astrakhan to Beyneu
Meet up in the only Buddhist State in Europe, Kalmykya! From the banks of the Volga River in Astrakhan, Russia, we journey around the northern tip of the Caspian Sea. Crossing the border we are driving through the vast steppe of Western Kazakhstan, where camels and vodka shops are the most common sights.

Day 2

Beyneu to Muynaq
Rush onward south through the desert into Uzbekistan where we are wild camping near Maynaq the once blooming fishing town at the Aral Sea. Today there’s no blooming town just a handful locals left behind, the desert took over the Aral Sea and rusting ship wrecks commemorate the heydays of this city.

Day 3

Muynaq to Khiva
Traveling to the very edges of the Qaraqum Desert we are visiting Khiva, the city drenched in history. This gem is the perfect example of a great Silk Road city, the home of the stunning Stone Palace, Tash Khauli, and Kunya-ark Citadel as well as some of the finest mosques in the world.

Day 4

Khiva to Bukhara
Go forth South East through the red hot Kyzyl Kum desert till you reach the bustling streets of another great Silk Road city, Bukhara, a real oasis for the tired adventurer. Its Great Minaret of the Kalon, Chor-Minor and Ismail Samanid Mausoleum are just a few of the wondrous sights in this fascinating place.

Day 5

Rest Day in Bukhara
Enjoy a day of rest in this fabulous city and whether you visit the Moschea Bolo-Khauz, stroll the Lyab-i-Hauz or visit the Palace of Moon-like Stars out of town, it is obvious why we choose this place to pause.

Day 6

Bukhara to Samarkand
Drive Eastwards to Samarkand, once the seat of the great emperor Tamerlane! Its architecture is world famous, the Registan (old center) is perhaps the most evocative of places in this delightful city with magnificent views of the mountains in the distance.

Day 7

Samarkand to Dushanbe
Hit the road to Dushanbe! After days of desert and heat we are finally driving up to the mountains! Crossing into Tajikistan we are heading for the capital of this fascinating country with its unique history and culture.

Day 8

Dushanbe to Tavildara
Head away from the bustling capital and go for tranquility. Cruise your way through the mountains of Tajikistan, challenge your vehicle threading a path North-East to Tavidara, where rivers meet and the peaks dominate the spectacular vistas surrounding the town.

Day 9

Tavildara to Khorog
Cross the border to the autonomous region of Badakshan and drive through amazing valleys, where very few people do! Driving right next to the border with Afghanistan we are reaching Khorog, the capital of Badakshan. You have a chance to refill your stocks and enjoy the city life before heading into the Pamir Mountains.

Day 10

Khorog to Murghab
Start driving North-East through the majestic Pamir mountains, we have dozens of sights to choose from! You can drive the easy bit of the famous route M41 (or Pamir Highway) winding through the Koi Tezek pass or keep on driving near the Afghan border, visit a famous Afghan market on an island between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, see ancient forts or sacred Buddhist places before finding yourself way above 4000 meters. Arriving to Murghab we’ll have endless stories to tell to our rally mates.

Day 11

Murghab to Sary Mogol
Turn North driving the second étap of the Pamir Highway through the amazing high altitude desert where the wind and nature rule and once Marco Polo was driving his people through. Test your body and machine crossing the highest point of our trip, the Ak Baytal pass above 4600 meters. After reaching another pass (because we like them) and the border of Kyrgyzstan we start descending and see the eye dropping views of the high Pamirs including Peak Lenin (7134 meters) and the Muztagh Ata (7,546 m).

Day 12

Sary Mogol to Toktogul
Start the day with an optional stopover at Osh, the official end of the Pamir Highway and keep on driving through Southern Kyrgyzstan’s amazing landscape, meet the nomad shepherds, taste the (umm…) famous kumis while you enjoy the impossibly green lands of the men on horse.

Day 13

Toktogul to Song Kul Camp
An amazing ride today starts driving through the Chichkhan canyon before arriving to Kojomkul, named after Kojomkul the Giant, a local hero. We enter the fantastic red canyon of the Kekemeren river before we start ascending again towards Song Kul finding our traditional yurt as our accommodation for the night on the shore of the lake.

Day 14

Song Kul Camp to Bishkek
Run down into the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, and celebrate the long trek we just completed with great local food and even greater local drinks during our traditional closing ceremonies and world famous after-event drinks party!





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