The Balkans
Jul. 26 – Aug. 3, 2024
9 days
Sarajevo to Thessaloniki, 1,800 km


The Great Balkan Ride will see you traverse 5 countries in 9 days traveling over 1800 kilometers through one of the most visually stunning and historically significant regions of the world.

Part adventure, part challenge and all road trip this is a unique journey into the heart of Europe’s most fascinating corner, off the beaten path and guaranteed to show you the people, their culture, heritage and history as you cruise from mountain roads to beach-side promenades, ancient city streets to the bustle of modern metropolises. Try the numerous local cuisines of each country as you explore the traditions and customs of these diverse nations on your 1800 kilometer odyssey into the timeworn landscape of this stunningly beautiful region. From the banks of the Danube to the shores of the Adriatic the Great Balkan Ride will challenge your determination and resourcefulness, your resilience and navigation skills, and provide you with one of the most unforgettable travel experiences money can buy.

There’s no better way to travel, explore, socialize and create memories of a trip, an adventure, a challenge. The Great Balkan Ride is the culmination of our decades of experience in bringing the very best in global adventure travel and we invite you to join us on this, our latest and greatest road trip.


Whilst obviously you can stop as and where you please during the Great Balkan Ride we at The Travel Scientists don’t want you to miss any of the unique attractions this adventure across the Balkans has to offer!

   Explore the old bazaar of Sarajevo.
   See the Bosnian Great Pyramids of Visoko for yourself.
   Drive through the rugged mountains of Montenegro.
   Kosovo, one of the youngest countries in the world.
   Albania, the most underrated and still amazingly diverse country in Europe.
   amazing food the Balkans are famous for.
   Enjoy Mediterranean beaches.
   Check out the tens of thousands of bunkers in Albania.
   Visit the ancient monasteries of Meteora.
   Party on the shores of the Aegean Sea.



Day 1

Sarajevo (BiH) to Zabljak (MNE)
We set out from the mountain gem of Sarajevo, a medieval town marked by recent history. The Old Town, the 1984 Winter Olympics and the the War of Independence left us plenty to see. As we depart we can soon see the famous huge pyramids of Bosnia. Is it a big hoax or left by our alien ancestors, we can’t decide, but they are definitely spectacular! We arrive into yet another country as we spend the night in the lovely mountain town of Zabljak, Montenegro.

Day 2

Zabljak (MNE) to Peja (RKS) 
Don’t forget to take your motion sickness pills this morning, because here’s where the roads really start winding! Have you been to the brand new nation of Kosovo yet? Now you have! And you’ll have the pictures from the lovely Peja promenade to prove it.

Day 3

Peja (RKS) to Skhoder (ALB) 
Be careful to keep the schedule today, because the spectacular mountain roads cut into steep bare rocks, the beautiful view will make you want to stop on every corner for photos! The dam on the Drina is also a sight to behold, with excellent tourist facilities to help you stretch your legs. Welcome to Albania, the land of hospitality and reinforced concrete roadside bunkers!

Day 4

Skhoder to Thethi (ALB) 
This is the time to duct tape all the rattling parts in the car, because today will separate true off-road enthusiasts from joyriders. This five-hour climb on rugged rocky roads will really test you and your vehicle. When you arrive in the lovely mountain paradise of Thethi you’ll have had the time of your life. You get to see your not so adventurous mates, who took the comfy road around. They will have showered, changed and had dinner already, but they will be envious of you, nevertheless.

Day 5

Theti to Durres (ALB) 
The mountain passes out of Thethi lead us through beautiful mountain forests, and gradually grow into main roads as we follow them down to the lovely Mediterranean beach resort of Durres outside Tirana. Hope you kept that clean Hawaiian shirt!

Day 6

Durres to Vlore (ALB) 
This day will give off-roaders another chance to get their rides dirty. We follow a dry river bed part of the way, and pass marble mines as well as household oil fields. Even the alternative comfy road is a breathtaking adventure with tunnels and bridges toying with you. Our night accommodation in Vlore is a nice beach town, too, so a few cocktails can help smoothen the sore limbs.

Day 7

Vlore to Gjirokaster (ALB) 
No rush in the morning, have a dip, enjoy the beach, our destination in Gjirokaster is not a long drive. But there are still some sights on the way, like the famous Blue Eye spring. Gjirokaster has been beautifully preserved, because it was the hometown of Albania’s Stalinist dictator Enver Hoxha. The nightlife will not disappoint, and it’s time for another party during the Great Balkan Ride!

Day 8

Gjirokaster (ALB) to Kalabaka (GRE) 
Another relatively short drive – we are on our way to Greece and one of it’s most iconic historical sights: the monasteries of Meteora, built on spectacular rock formations, where you can easily spend hours discovering one monastery after the other.

Day 9

Kalabaka (GRE) to Thessaloniki (GRE) This is our last day and we’ll take it easy on our way to Thessaloniki where we get ready for the big finish party!



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