Apr. 05 – 12, 2025
8 days
Trivandrum to Panaji, 1100 km


In the pleasant weather of April the Malabar Rampage, this superb adventure in India, sees you take the roads in one our trusty auto rickshaws and blaze a trail from the historical and cultural center that is Trivandrum heading North through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the region, passing numerous amazing places and ending up in Goa the jewel of India’s western coast.

Traveling along ancient roads this journey through Southern India will take you by stunning temples and fabulous beaches at speeds that allow you full interaction with the countryside, wildlife and people.
The Malabar Rampage might simply be the best way to see this part of the world, and explore the real India, with time to savor the experience of the most magical country in the world.

The Travel Scientists have more than ten years experience and extensive local knowledge to provide a better experience through superior planning, and whether you choose to rough it with our bare-bones package or let us save you from some of the hum-drum tasks freeing you of the burden, this is an adventure in India like no other that you simply won’t forget. Tailor your Malabar Rampage experience to your needs.


Whilst you’re free to stop and see whatever you wish on the Malabar Rampage, and getting there is definitely half the fun, you will, on this superb trip to India, be passing through some places we strenuously advise you don’t miss out on!

   Check out the second highest statue of Lord Shiva in the world.
   Visit the 1000 year old Anantheshwara Temple in Udupi.
   Walk the walls of Bekal Fort, the largest fort in Kerala.
   Wander through the old Jewish Quarter of Kochi.
   Explore the Backwaters of Kerala.
   Admire the Portuguese architecture of Goa’s capital Panjim.
   Discover world class beaches from Kerala to Goa.




Day 1 (5-Apr-25)

Events in Trivandrum
A packed first day sees numerous events in and around the streets of the Kerala state capital all designed to get you into the spirit of the Malabar Rampage and ready to experience India on the road.

Day 2 (6-Apr-25)

Practice in Trivandrum
Full instruction in control and maintenance of your three-wheeled steed to make sure you can get where you’re going and understand the unwritten rules of the road in this bustling cityscape.

Day 3 (7-Apr-25)

Trivandrum to Alleppey
Scoot up the coast to the ancient city of Alleppey riding through the gorgeous city of Kollam next to the Ashtamudi Lake with its famous lighthouse and fort looking out over the Arabian sea at Thangasserry.

Day 4 (8-Apr-25)

Alleppey to Kochi
A major port city by the Arabian Sea and is part of the district of Ernakulam in the state of Kerala. With a population of 2.1 million, Kochi is the largest city in Kerala.

Day 5 (9-Apr-25)

Kochi to Calicut
Drive along the shore to Calicut with its famous “Time Tides” sculpture in Manachira Square and the historical treasure trove that is the cultural and spiritual center of the city, the Tali Siva Temple.

Day 6 (10-Apr-25)

Calicut to Mangalore
Hit the road to Mangalore with its world renowned Kadri Manjunath Temple, the stunning Tannirbhavi Beach and the magical experience to be had at Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park.

Day 7 (11-Apr-25)

Mangalore to Murudeshwar
Ride on till you get to the home of the Kethapayya Naryan Temple and Netrani Island, Murudeshwar, with its golden beaches and evocative statue park bringing ancient stories to life in epic size.

Day 8 (12-Apr-25)

Murudeshwar to Panaji
Finish off with a flourish as you cruise into Panaji for the traditional closing ceremony and one of our famous post-event drinks parties in this amazing city in Goa, home to the Tomb of St. Francis Xavier, its Basilica of Bom Jesus and Shantadurga Temple. A truly fitting end to the Malabar Rampage.




Prices per team of up to 3 people. ( 10% off valid until July 15, 2024 )

  Package Basic
Hotel Not Included
Hotel Included
Hotel Included
  Price €1450
Per Team
Per Team
Per Team


Deposit: We ask for a 750 Euro deposit on each Rickshaw which may sound pricey but provides ample deterrent against event participants wrapping their new transport around the nearest tree for the sheer hell of it (we have found). The deposit also acts as an expense account for any repairs that need doing along the way that some of our more adventurous packages don’t cover.



General Services Basic Standard Deluxe
Auto Rickshaw
Luggage Truck Service
Medical Kit
Tool Box
Navigational sheet (Day Plans)
Event Shirt
Sim Card
In-Auto Rickshaw WiFi
Hotel Package
Airport Pick up
Storage of valuables in Safety car
Mobile Phone
Road Map, Phrase Book
Event Cap
Team T-shirts
Airport Drop

Vehicle Maintenance Basic Standard
Overnight Checkup Team pays for parts and labor Team pays for parts, labor free Fully Covered
On the Road Service Team pays for parts and labor Team pays for parts, labor free Fully Covered
Breakage Team pays for broken parts/fittings Team pays for broken parts/fittings Fully Covered

Pimping Basic Standard
Rickshaw Entertainment Package Budget Standard
Rickshaw Painting Package Budget Extreme
Vehicle Horn Dynamo Musical horn Musical horn
Water bottle holder
DC Out
Comfortable Seats
New Tyres and Tubes