The Baltics
Dec. 28, 2024 – Jan. 5, 2025
9 days
Krakow to Tallinn, 2600 km


From the heart of Southern Poland to the icy north of Estonia, this is an epic midwinter journey through the Baltic that provides the most amazing way to start the year. Pass the relics of past wars and old regimes as you explore the Baltic, revel in the gorgeous scenery, and meet people from these little traveled countries that have so much to offer.

Celebrating New Year along the way this minimal support motor rally will bring you together with like minded adventurers to explore the parts of Europe the tourists herds eschew. From frozen seas to snowy peaks, from the most wonderful cuisine in the world to one of the most challenging driving experiences you’ll ever have, this is an unforgettable trip to the Baltic.

The Travel Scientists have been arranging exotic adventure rally trips for over a decade and whilst this adventure in the Baltic is an minimal support motor rally so a lot of the burden will fall upon you to get where you’re going, our variety of packages allows you to choose how much help you want us to provide so that whether you choose to go bare-bones or full deluxe we’ll guarantee you memories that will last a lifetime.


Whilst you may, of course, see anything and stop anywhere along the way to Tallinn we at The Travel Scientists will ensure that you don’t miss out on the very best this region has to offer so you gain memories of this wondrous frozen paradise that you will cherish forever.

   Explore Poland’s royal capital Krakow.
   Spend the night at the The Wolf’s Lair’s, one of Hitler’s Führer Headquarters.
   Enjoy the rural winter in one of Poland’s most beautiful small towns Kazimierz Dolny.
   Enjoy the indoor ski slopes and the huge spa center of Lithuanian Druskininkai.
   Celebrate New Year’s Eve where winter is still cold and snowy.
   Drive on the frozen Baltic Sea.
   Relax in a typical country lodge with sauna in the forests of Latvia.
   Visit perfectly preserved old soviet nuclear bunkers.
   Show your driving skills in the forests of Latvia doing a proper timed rally stage.
   Check out a super secret ex-KGB office.
   Party in the amazing medieval city of Tallinn.



Day 1

Kraków to Kazimierz Dolny
This famous Polish city on the banks of the Vistula is the stylish starting point of this epic adventure to the frozen North. Traverse the rolling landscape, head North into the heart of the country and the town of Kazimierz Dolny, famed for the Korzeniowy Dol Gorge and now almost a piece of living history.

Day 2

Kazimierz Dolny to The Wolf’s Lair
Leapfrogging the capital of Warsaw you journey to Ketrzyn, home of the Wolf’s Lair, first Eastern Front headquarters for Adolf Hitler in WWII, deep in the Masurian woods and scene of the failed assassination attempt by Claus Von Staufenberg.

Day 3

The Wolf’s Lair to Druskininkai
Into Lithuania and onward to Druskininkai. This spectacularly picturesque spa town on the banks of the Nemunas River is a superbly beautiful place, where we take a well earned rest day before resuming our voyage northward.

Day 4

Druskininkai to Vilnius
Press on into Latvia  along the EU’s and Schengen zone’s easternmost border towards the country’s capital Vilnius  with its medieval old town. The border is partly fenced, and we might be able to catch a glimpse of the fence now and then.

Day 5

Vilnius to Liepaja
On we go aiming for the Baltic coast and Liepaja with its classical architectural marvels like the St. Nicholas Orthodox Sea Cathedral and Northern Forts set off by the wonderful Jurmalas Park.

Day 6

Liepāja to Sigulda
Ploughing East away from the coastline of the Baltic  we pass Riga and reach Sigulda, a quiet small town in the gates of river Gauja National park.  Sigulda also has the only in the Baltic Boblsled track, and several ski slopes.

Day 7

Sigulda to Alūksne
Going further east we streak through the forests of Latvia towards Lake Alūksne with its famous Teutonic castle ruins on the largest of its four islands.

Day 8

Alūksne to Tartu
This is a long drive into Estonia via highest peak of the Baltic, the mighty Suur Munamagi (the Egg hill) – 318 meters (!) above sea level! We’ll also definitely get some fun either driving on a lake ice track or on the back roads along the Estonian/Russian border.

Day 9

Tartu to Tallinn
Sprint into Tallinn for the grand finale of the voyage into the icy wastes where the traditional closing ceremonies will take place and a celebration of the finish will include one of our world famous after-event drinks parties.



  Package Basic
Hotel Not Included
Hotel Included
  Price €595  
Per Person
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General Services



Rally Gear
Event shirt and cap
Essential and hard-to-find maps
Road Book
Kick-off and finish parties
Coordination of charity events
Visa assistance (if required)
Road maps (hard copies)
Hotel package