Dec. 28, 2024 – Jan. 6, 2025
10 days
Chennai to Trivandrum, 950 km


The original and best, the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run is the ultimate mixture of machine and mayhem on three-wheels as you journey through Southern India in one of our lovable Rickshaws on an adventure that will provide an experience you’ll never forget. You’ll journey from the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian Sea via some of the most breathtaking places the world has to offer on one of the greatest adventures still possible.

At speeds that allow you to savor the experience and revel in the culture and history of the Tamil Nadu region, RC Classic Run is an adventure in India like no other and at the helm of your trusty auto Rickshaw you’ll see some of the most breathtaking scenery, amazing ancient monuments and wondrous sights travel to India has on offer as you traverse the most magical country in the world.

With ten years experience, and extensive local knowledge, The Travel Scientists have exploring the real India down to a fine art but just how much assistance you want us to provide is up to you, tailor your Classic Run to your needs. A bare-bones option is available for the hardcore adventurers, and more inclusive standard and deluxe packages for those who want the experience without too much drama.


Whilst you’re free to see what you want on the Classic Run, and getting where you’re going is definitely half the fun, you will be passing through some amazing places that we recommend you don’t miss out on!

   Pay your respect at Shore Temple, one of the oldest temples in Southern India.
   Visit Mahamaham Tank, one of the largest temple tanks in Tamil Nadu.
   Admire the 33 000 sculptures of Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai.
   See Krishna’s Butter Ball, a giant balancing rock.
   Visit a tropical fruit farm.
   Get lucky and meet some sloth bears and jungle cats at Neyyar Dam.
   Watch the sunset over the most southern point of mainland India.



Day 1 (28-Dec-24)

Practice in Chennai
Meet your rickshaw, learn to drive it and give it a spin! Full instruction and safety tips given so that even a novice can master this iconic little vehicle and be confident at the controls.

Day 2 (29-Dec-24)

Chennai to Pondicherry
Complete the challenge of getting out of Chennai, and cruise your trusty three-wheeled steed down the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal right up to the famous seaside city of Pondicherry.

Day 3 (30-Dec-24)

Pondicherry to Thanjavur
Time to head inland deep into Tamil Nadu’s land of temples, allowing you to travel back in time experiencing the vibrant history of India as you head towards Thanjavur, home to one of the Great Living Chola Temples.

Day 4 (31-Dec-24)

Thanjavur to Madurai
Spend New Year’s Eve getting to one of the biggest parties in India as you arrive in Madurai with its stunning temples, amazing atmosphere and get to see in the start of a brand New Year in the Athens Of The East.

Day 5 (1-Jan-25)

Rest day in Madurai
Take the day off from racing around to recover from the festivities of the night before with a leisurely day in the streets of Madurai including a visit to the simply unforgettable Meenakshi Amman Temple.

Day 6 (2-Jan-25)

Madurai to Rajapalayam
A drive to the beautiful city of Rajapalaym famous for its cotton mills, hills, falls and forest.

Day 7 (3-Jan-25)

Rajapalayam to Tuticorin
Cruise down the coast road to the glorious city of Tuticorin home to a thriving fishing industry and which is famous across the world for its highly skilled pearl divers and the treasures they collect.

Day 8 (4-Jan-25)

Activities in Tuticorin
Celebrate the Tamil harvest festival of Pongal on a real-life tropical fruit plantation. Learn to cook traditional Pongal fare, how to create Kolam and get into the spiritual essence of the season!

Day 9 (5-Jan-25)

Tuticorin to Kanyakumari 
See a side of Tamil Nadu well and truly off the tourist track as our local knowledge gives you a unique experience leading from shore-side temples to picturesque hidden away beach towns.

Day 10 (6-Jan-25)

Kanyakumari to Trivandrum 

Head for the state capital Trivandrum to finish off your journey in style through the beauty of Kerala in time for the Classic Run’s traditional closing ceremony and one of our famous after-event drinks parties.




Prices per team of up to 3 people.

  Package Basic
Hotel Not Included
Hotel Included
Hotel Included
  Price €1580
Per Team
Per Team
Per Team

Deposit: We ask for a 750 Euro deposit on each Rickshaw which may sound pricey but provides ample deterrent against event participants wrapping their new transport around the nearest tree for the sheer hell of it (we have found). The deposit also acts as an expense account for any repairs that need doing along the way that some of our more adventurous packages don’t cover.



General Services Basic Standard Deluxe
Auto Rickshaw
Luggage Truck Service
Medical Kit
Tool Box
Navigational sheet (Day Plans)
Event Shirt
Sim Card
In-Auto Rickshaw WiFi
Hotel Package
Airport Pick up
Storage of valuables in Safety car
Mobile Phone
Road Map, Phrase Book
Event Cap
Team T-shirts
Airport Drop


Vehicle Maintenance Basic Standard
Overnight Checkup Team pays for parts and labour Team pays for parts, labour free Fully Covered
On the Road Service Team pays for parts and labour Team pays for parts, labour free Fully Covered
Breakage Team pays for broken parts/fittings Team pays for broken parts/fittings Fully Covered


Pimping Basic Standard
Rickshaw Entertainment Package Budget Standard
Rickshaw Painting Package Budget Extreme
Vehicle Horn Dynamo Musical horn Musical horn
Water bottle holder
DC Out
Comfortable Seats
New Tyres and Tubes