The Travel Scientists is the world’s most gonzo adventure travel operator. Our maniacal travel research specialists have concocted a handful of the most daring, inspiring & infinitely memorable excursions that can be found in the modern world. You’re in exclusive company when you travel with us, because we only open our adventures to fellow enthusiasts who have exactly what it takes:

• A true passion to make each journey an adventure.
• A desire to go off the beaten track… and stay there awhile.
• A willingness to delve beyond the usual boundaries and into the unknown.
• An enthusiasm for exploring with like-minded ne’er do wells!

Want a taste of the craziness we have in store? Please visit some of our exciting events, where the pictures & videos reveal previous adventures: spectacular sights, amazing thrills, once-in-a-lifetime experiences… and a little drunken naughtiness! It’s all there, so check out the fun.

We are The Travel Scientists, constantly brewing up new adventures in our twisted laboratory. We explore. We discover. We have an absolute blast. Most of all… we live life to its fullest. If that’s your idea of a great time, we hope you’ll join us.

Just be warned… there won’t be any mints on the pillows!