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Caucasian Challenge

Ride through the stunning raw beauty of the Caucasus mountains. An adventure in the Caucasus like no other, this is a journey through a breathtaking part of the world from the edge of Europe to the capital of Armenia.
The Caucasus
Aug. 13-23, 2019

Central Asia Rally

Rediscover Central Asia's magical and ancient Silk Road. Travel to Kyrgyzstan from Russia driving through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan in one of the last great adventure journeys possible.
Central Asia
May 31 – Jun. 13, 2020

Grand Moroccan Escapade

A ten day desert adventure in Morocco that will see you explore the Atlas mountains, scale windswept Saharan dunes and look upon the timeless landscape of the desert.
North Africa
Oct. 12-20, 2019

Tamilnadu Run

A sprint out from Chennai on the Bay of Bengal out through the Southern Indian countryside, taking in some fabulous sites as you get to grips with the local culture, history and people all whilst on the trusty three wheels of our auto Rickshaws.
Oct. 12 – 18, 2019

The Great Balkan Ride

History, culture, landscapes? The Balkans have it all! When you take the Great Balkan Ride with the Travel Scientists, you might be up for your greatest adventure of your life.
The Balkans
Aug. 2-10, 2019