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Baltic Run

Have some snow-filled winter fun on New Year’s Eve.

This winter journey through the frozen north of the Baltics makes your start into the New Year a truly special and exciting one, all while experiencing Baltic culture and amazing scenery.

The Baltics
Dec. 28, 2019 – Jan. 05, 2020
9 days
Caucasus tour adventure rally
On Sale

Caucasian Challenge

Ride through the stunning raw beauty of the Caucasus mountains.
An adventure in the Caucasus like no other, this is a journey through a breathtaking part of the world from the edge of Europe to the capital of Armenia.

The Caucasus
Aug. 13-23, 2019
11 days
Silk Road adventure rally
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Central Asia Rally

Rediscover Central Asia's magical and ancient Silk Road. Travel to Kyrgyzstan from Russia driving through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan in one of the last great adventure journeys possible.

Central Asia
May 31 – Jun. 13, 2020
14 days

Classic Run

From Chennai on the coast of the Bay of Bengal down through the Tamil Nadu region right around the southern tip of India to Trivandrum on the edge of the Arabian Sea, this is the pioneering Rickshaw Challenge from The Travel Scientists.

Dec. 28, 2018 – Jan. 06, 2019
10 days

Deccan Odyssey

From Panaji in Goa up through the heart of Southern India to Mumbai this adventure in India in one of our trusty Rickshaws lets you encounter this stunningly beautiful country with its ancient cultures, astonishing temples and amazing people.

Jun. 8 – 16, 2019
9 days
On Sale

Grand Moroccan Escapade

A ten day desert adventure in Morocco that will see you explore the Atlas mountains, scale windswept Saharan dunes and look upon the timeless landscape of the desert.

North Africa
Oct. 12-20, 2019
9 days

India’s Cup

Journey across beautiful India in any vehicle from Chennai to Goa.
Experience a trip to India like no other as you travel nearly 1,500 miles through the amazing landscape of this magical country on the busy and colorful streets of India.

Feb. 09-21, 2019
13 days

Malabar Rampage

From the city of Trivandrum this is a coastal burn North through the amazing landscape of Southern India, traveling up the Western edge of this magical country till you reach the world renowned party towns and paradise beaches of Goa.

Apr. 06 – 13, 2019
8 days

Mumbai Xpress

From the vibrant capital Mumbai on the Arabian Sea, along the beaches of Goa right across the spine of India to Chennai on the Bay of Bengal this is an adventure on three wheels through the heart of India's history, culture and landscape.

Aug. 03 – 16, 2019
14 days

Rickshaw Challenge

The original Rickshaw Challenge in India from the pioneers themselves.
Take to the highways and byways of India and race these trusty three-wheeled vehicles through some of the most amazing scenery, places and culture in the world.


Tamilnadu Run

A sprint out from Chennai on the Bay of Bengal out through the Southern Indian countryside, taking in some fabulous sites as you get to grips with the local culture, history and people all whilst on the trusty three wheels of our auto Rickshaws.

Oct. 12 – 18, 2019
7 days
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The Great Balkan Ride

History, culture, landscapes? The Balkans have it all! When you take the Great Balkan Ride with the Travel Scientists, you might be up for your greatest adventure of your life.

The Balkans
Aug. 2-10, 2019
9 days

Wild West Challenge

From the City of Angels to the City of Sin.

In our brand new minimal assistance motor rally you’ll journey through America from Hollywood, California to Las Vegas, Nevada, via some of the most amazing sights and scenery in the Wild West.





Apr. 23 – May 4, 2019
12 days


A unique and authentic experience of the real rural India.
With a pair of bulls to power you this is a journey into rural India at a sedate pace, the most environmentally friendly way to travel into the heart of the Tamil culture.

Jan. 06-09, 2019
4 days