Mumbai Xpress 22, Day 13-14: The End of a Great Adventure
rickshaw challenge mumbai xpress 2022

One last windup for this Mumbai xpress 2022 is like trying to put a huge event in a small box. It is multi angled perspective which can only be experienced rather than talked or written about. Yet I am using this like a teaser for the futhure and propspective challengers who would like to explore India in the three wheeled wonder machine called autorickshaw.


Day 13 – Culinary Exploits

On Day no. 13 the penultimate day was from yesteryears garden city to the wonderland Vellore. Since we were already in the suburbs close to the borders of Tamilnadu, it did not take us much time to get out of the town.

Team 3 had a small issue with their breaks, but since the service car was following right behind them, the rickshaw got got fixed and started rolling again in no time.

The teams used the day for some culinary exploration and tried some biryani in a place in Ambur that has been around since the 1890s – it doesn’t get any more authentic than that. After exploring the fort in Vellore, all the teams reached the hotel right before flag down time.


rickshaw challenge mumbai xpress 2022


Day 14 – The End

The last day of the Rickshaw Challenge Mumbai Xpress 2022 went smoothly without any calls from the teams. They all used the day to explore the silk town Kanjeepuram. The last team arrived in the hotel at almost 5 pm, since almost all of them took the rural road from Kanjeepuram to Chennai, because “What will we see on the highway?”. And taking the less travelled path definitely paid off for them.

Finally the rally finished at Elements Hostel at 7.30pm with a big party. The Bonkers Award went to Team 3 for the efforts they took to keep their Instagram noticed and for finding beers on dry day in Goa. Without much ado the things went well enough that all the teams found their bed in the right hotel for that deserved rest.

Hope it was interesting to read about Mumbai Xpress 2022. With this I would like to close the updates and meet you with another adventure. Until then a big bye to all.

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