Starting with a Bang – Malabar Rampage 2023 Day 1 & 2
rickshaw challenge malabar rampage
The Malabar Rampage 2023 has come to an epic end and it’s time for a review of the event from our Head Field Scientist Princely!


The Malabar Rampage 2023 started with a flying start, literally.


Why I am saying that is that, after all, the 11 teams had their registration on time and we had a briefing. Then we assembled at the practice ground around 1 am in the afternoon at the Shunmugam Beach parking lot, where the teams would meet their rickshaws for the first time and get sime driving lessons. After that usual explanations about the petrol oil mix, some engine introduction and the starting demo, the teams were asked to start and move the vehicle themselves.


Then it happened – Faye from Team 5 Going Goa, started the engine, engaged gear and gave the throttle. The vehicle just took off and hit the wall without control. The headlights were broken, and a few more small  damages had happened to the vehicle, while Faye was alright.  Our mechanic immediately fixed them and gave the vehicle back so Team 5 could continue their practice – a bit more carefully this time.


All the other teams had their own way of learning and they picked things up rather quickly. Later Team 5 also found their feet again and did practice meticulously, before they hit the road. There were no other calls after the incident and it all ended with beer coupons and great stories at the welcome party.


Next up was the mini challenge day, to get warmed up for the road and all the little tasks we give our teams. I heard some of them drove all the way to Kovalam and came back. This was  of course after they had fulfilled the challenge of the Padmabanamaswamy temple visit – we might have to make things a bit harder next time!.


Meanwhile the support and luggage crews also equally prepared themselves to take up the challenges to come to them on the road.

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