Bring Holiday Cheer to the Children of Chennai and Tamilnadu!
Charity in Southern Asia Donate to Tamilnadu flood victims


We’ve always cared about the children of Tamilnadu, but right now, after the severe rainfalls in Chennai and surroundings, they need our and especially your support even more.

The Travel Scientists have teamed up with Round Table India, and together with our participants, we’ll bring some love and happiness to Tamilnadu!

Bring holiday cheer to the children of Chennai and Tamilnadu.

The streets of Chennai have been flooded by record breaking, continuous rainfall for weeks and the receding water has left a wake of devastation.

While reconstruction efforts by government and NGOs will mainly be focused on buildings, infrastructure and other essentials, resources and time to bring some cheer to the traumatized children will be sparse.

You can change that!

Join the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run 2016 participants & The Travel Scientists in association with Round Table India to bring some holiday cheer to hundreds of children affected by the severe flooding in Chennai and Tamilnadu!

All donations will go directly to Round Table India. The participants of the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run, acting as Caravane Humanitaire, will actively support the charity organisation during their trip and personally hand out the holiday gifts to the children, many of whom have lost everything.

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to bring back the smile to a child’s face and donate now!


Charity in Southern Asia Donate to Chennai Tamilnadu flood victims


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