Mumbai Xpress 22, Day 1-3: Warm-up for Adventure
rickshaw challenge mumbai xpress 2022

We’ve successfully kicked off the Mumbai Xpress 2022, a 2000 km self-driving rickshaw adventure all the way from Mumbai to Chennai. Two weeks full of excitement lie ahead of our teams. Like always, head organizer Princely Jeyachendren gives us an overview of the event from his point of view. Let him take you on a trip to India!


Day 1 – Getting to Know the Trusty Rickshaw!

Welcome to the Mumbai Xpress 2022 edition! We as the Rickshaw challenge organizers, would like to thank all the everybody who has done any one of our scheduled or private challenges for the great support by spreading the word about this crazy adventure on three wheels.

The last Mumbai Xpress happened in 2019. So after a gap of two years  we are finally here again with 5 lovely teams. Many things have changed during the last two years of the pandemic, but our support staff with their relentless work solved all logistic challenges to make this rally possible. With this short note of gratitude we would like to jump directly into the event!

Mumbai, the megalomaniac metropolis of the Indian subcontinent, has its own charming way of welcoming tourists. When the doors of their airplane opens, the total sensory experience of Mumbai city will transcend you into a new world.

As the city development plan is being worked on in full strength, the new metro lines and bridges have clogged the already cramped road space even more. All the participants were fascinated during their drive to the hotel from airport.

The day we met them for the registration and introduction briefing, the story of their stay in Mumbai had millions of details, which they could not have experienced anywhere else. During my introduction speech, I was trying to prepare them for the further culture shocks they were going to face during the next 14 days.


rickshaw challenge mumbai xpress 22


Next we moved on to the driving lessons. With many familiar faces that already had done a different Rickshaw Challenge with us, this was easier than taking a duck to swimming. Team Sholay, consisting of Claudia and Michel Haring, from Germany, have already done the 2017 Classic Run. Jacomijin Heupink of  Team Women on Wheels from the Netherlands, is a veteran of the Tamilnadurun 2019, in which she participated with some other friends.

That other three teams had to start from zero, but that has never been a problem. The Practice went on in intense fashion, then it was time for the team’s first drive to the hotel.

The day ended in a local bar to taste the local cosine with beers. It was loud enough that the bartender had to volume us down a couple of times. Team ‘Tottenham Toritoise’ and Team ‘Brum Brum’ are friends from Britain. Team Piccolina Racing consist of young couple from England. With good fellowship and steadfast drinking the first day came to an fantastic ending.


Day 2 – The First Challenge

On day 2 it is time for the first mini challenge. After a comfortably late start at 11.30 am, all the teams took on the challenge successfully. Just Team “Piccolina Racing” took suspiciously long to get back to the hotel. Later we found out that they gave their rickshaw a little makeover, turning it into a sort of house to live in.

The rest of the day and the evening each team spent according to their own liking.


Day 3 – Hitting the Road!

Eventually, when we flagged them to hit the road on the morning of the 3rd day, the teams were all excited. All the teams took part in our fancy dress challenge for a few extra points. It was a lovely sight for us and the hotel people to see such a smiling and enthusiastic crowd getting started for their adventure.


rickshaw challenge mumbai xpress 2022


The day passed by without too many problems. In the evening Team “Tottenham Tortoises” told us about running out of fuel and Team “Sholay” needed some attention from our support team after an oil and fuel mixing issue.

See you all our followers and readers for the next round of update. Until then its ciao from the organizing team of Rickshaw Challenge.


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