Mumbai Xpress 22, Day 4: It’s Monsoon Season!
rickshaw challenge mumbai xpress 2022

Have fun with Princely’s update from the 4th day of the Rickshaw Challenge Mumbai Xpress 2022!


It’s Monsoon season!

Once the Mumbai Xpress had really started, so did the monsoon rains. The the first day on road was mixed with dry and wet conditions, but the second day from Alibag to Pune had no dry stint at all. Sometimes the rain was drizzling, sometimes it was pouring.

While being constantly rained on might not sound like a lot of fun, seeing India during monsoon is a unique experience. The green jungles become even greener and beautiful waterfalls are popping up at every corner – nature is breathing in the water and breathing out all its beauty in return.


rickshaw challenge mumbai xpress 2022


Challenges along the way of the Rickshaw Challenge Mumbai Xpress 2022

The first challenge of he day was to find a temple in Khapoli and make a photo of the temple and the temple tank. Spneding some time at the temple, our support crew was tasked with photography services by some teams. Especially since it started pouring down so heavily, that the team didn’t even dare to step out if their rickshaw.


rickshaw challenge mumbai xpress 2022


Moving on the way to Lonavala, the support crew took a wrong turn and landed up on the express way, despite having explicitly told all teams to avoid it, since rickshaws are not allowed to drive there. Alas, even we get lost sometimes and it took us half an hour to get back on the right path.


rickshaw challenge mumbai xpress 2022


In the meantime Team “Sholay” contacted us, as their clutch cable snapped. Our support crew reached them quickly in Lonovala and fixed the problem within the blink of an eye, to send them back on the road.


A Relaxing End to an Exciting End

During the second half of the day there were no mechanical issues and all the teams reached the base hotel in Pune well on time. There they started the hunt for an evening beer beer, as there was no bar in the hotel. Their great stories could be followed on Facebook, where they shared surprisingly good photos inspite of the heavy rainfall we witnessed during the day.

That is it for today, we will get back with more updates. Until then: Bye!


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