Mumbai Xpress 22, Day 5 – 7: From Winding Mountain Roads to the Beaches of Goa
rickshaw challenge mumbai xpress 2022

We are already halfway through the Mumbai Xpress 2022 and here is Princely’s update for the last few days!


Day 5 – Escaping the Traffic Monster Pune

Day 5 took our teams from Pune to Mahabaleshwar, that is from a very densely populated city to the summer resort of Maharashtra through an ever changing and surprising route.

But first our teams had to tackle the traffic of Pune to get out of the city. The rain was merciful that day and gave our teams some time to breathe in between showers. After a visit of Agha Khan Palace in the morning to fulfil on of the challenges on the day sheet and score some points, it was time for the real challenge an hit the road.



During their escape from the city, Team Tottenham Tortoises burned their clutch in the chaotic traffic, but our support team had them back on the road in no time. Sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy, the day ended without any other breakdowns and the teams were giving all their energy to fulfilling the day’s challenges mentioned on the day sheet, to get the maximum amount of points.


Day 6 – Our Adventurers are Becoming Independent!

On day 6 the teams started their journey to Rathnagiri. This drive was completely on difficult mountain roads, that needed to be navigated and made the teams arrive late in the day. At the start of the journey the mountain roads and stunning waterfalls gave them great picture opportunities.

In the evening some teams told me that they ran out of fuel, but they managed to solve the issue without calling the support crew. That’s the true adventure spirit! And while we are always happy to help our teams, finding own solutions to problems and local support usually make for the better stories.



rickshaw challenge mumbai xpress 2022


Day 7 – Entering Paradise, aka Goa

Day 7 took the teams from Rathnagiri to Panaji, the capital of Goa. As it was a long day the teams started early. Surprisingly the roads were laid with 4 lanes and it was an easy cruise compared to the drive on day 6.

But when things seem too easy, usually the problems start. We had a couple of calls for the service van, but nothing we couldn’t solve within a short time. Goa is also notorious for it’s police controls when entering the state and all teams had their stories to tell.


rickshaw challenge mumbai xpress 2022


The teams wanted to celebrate reaching the half-way point of the Mumbai Xpress 2022, but unfortunately due to a local election, it was a dry day in Goa – meaning no alcohol was sold anywhere. But nothing stands in the way of a Goan feast, to which our teams are currently on their way.

With that happy note of reaching the half way point, I would like to take my time off form you guys. We shall meet soon for another update. Until then, tata, bye-bye.


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