The Great Balkan Ride – The Last Days on the Road
The Travel Scientists' Great Balkan Ride takes you around the Balkans. Enjoy some dirt road driving in Albania's wild nature.

After three more eventful days, the first Great Balkan Ride has come to an end. 1800 km, 5 countries and 8 days lie between the rally start in Sarajevo and the finish line in Thessaloniki. Check out the first part here!


Uhm… Thanks. Very Helpful!

Great Balkan Ride
Photo by Théodore Markovic

Navigation can sometimes be a bit difficult in the Balkans, but luckily we didn’t lose any team (for too long…).

After a relaxing afternoon in Durres with a hotel directly at the beach, our teams visited Berat the next day and had a short hike up to the castle – in 41° C. But all in all it was a quiet day, which teams ended with yet another swim in the crystal blue Mediterranean of Vlore.


Rules are Rules. But Not in the Balkans!

The highlight of the next stage was clearly the Blue Eye, a more than 50 m deep spring, passing into a beautiful, clear stream.  Diving in there and swimming is both forbidden and a popular leisure pursuit at the same time, so of course also out teams could not resist jumping into the cool blue. The current is quite strong and the one or other got almost carried away, but that is nothing that could not be solved with the help of a couple of friendly Albanians, who willingly came to rescue.


Forest Fire Season in Albania and Greece

Great Balkan Ride
Photo by Théodore Markovic

With temperatures up to 40° C during summer, it is not surprising that big parts of the southern Balkans are plagued  by forest fires this summer. Team Rola Fellas even had the nerve wracking experience of driving behind a fuel truck while having fires next to the road (in some distance). Nothing exploded though, and they arrived safely at the day’s destination to tell the tale.


All Things Come to an End

great balkan ride

The last day was a smooth and easy drive across Greece towards Thessaloniki and ended – with what else – a huge finish party involving a lot of Ouzo, Grappa and Maria’s Tits. No – not what you think with your dirty mind! It’s one of the flagship dishes of our chosen restaurant.

It was a great premier and we want to thank all our teams who made it a unique trip. See you the starting line of another of our adventure rallies!

But What Happened to Lola the Corolla?

Team Rola Fellas and Lola had an emotional reunion on the next day, Lola got a new tire and they all lived (and drove) happily ever after!


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