Highlights of the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run 2020

The Classic Run 2020 is over already and the teams had a blast. After many adventures on the road they arrived in Thiruvananthapuram, just a bit past India’s most southern point (back up north, not staight into the sea…). Check out some of the trip’s highlights below!


Kick-off Day

Our teams from Hungary, Turkey, New Zealand, the USA and China were very excited to finally start their 1000 km adventure from Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai all the way south to Thiruvanantapuram (Trivandrum for short).  They still seem quite relaxed, but that only lasted till they hit the Indian traffic for the first time!


Colorful India

Colors, colors, colors everywhere! And South Indian temple architecture can be especially colorful. Add to it seeing the often bright houses and the women’s beautiful saris for a few weeks, and your next shopping trip to H&M will seem like an awefully bland affair.


Ancient Temples

Not all temples are that colorful, but they are often ancient and have been in the same place for more than a thousand years. If you take some time, you’ll see amazing details in the fassade. And if you are smart, you’ll grab our head organizer Princely, who knows quite a bunch about their origin and meaning.


Selfies, Selfies, Selfies

By the end of the Rickshaw Challenge Classci Run 2020 is was quite clear who had the longest arms – especially important for group-selfies with rickshaw and temple background!


Refreshing Breaks

Our teams love to take every chance they get to stop for some fresh coconut water directly from the coconut. Nothing else is as refreshing and reviving in India’s heat!


Random Roadside Breakdowns

And what would a Rickshaw Challenge be without countless breakdowns! Those make the best stories and offer our teams the best experiences, befriending locals and getting their rickshaw fixed MacGuyve-style with a pen and a gum. If you manage to finish a Rickshaw Challenge without a breakdown, then you haven’t been doing it right.

Now, if you’ve gotten a taste for your own rickshaw adventures, just pick one of our 5 trips – we have a route and a date suitable for everybody – and sign up!

See you at the starting line – The Travel Scientists.


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