Packing List for the Central Asia Rally

The Central Asia Rally is the most challenging and difficult one of the Travel Scientists’ motor rallies – true adventure. And like all great adventurers from Indiana Jones to Thor Heyerdal will tell you: The key for a successful adventure is torough preparation! To give you a hand we have compiled a list of the most important items for the Central Asia Rally, that you definitely shouldn’t forget in your garage.


For Your Car

spare tire central asia rally
Luckily not a spare-tire-moment. But doesn’t hurt to check. (Image: Travel Scientists)

Spare tire – Because you don’t want to lose a day waiting next to the road with a flat tire, waiting for a miracle

Car jack – Except one of your team mates is Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Spare break pads – The Pamir Mountains will eat through your pads faster than you think.

Any other spareparts you think might be needed  but will not be available – Central Asians are creative problem solvers, but let’s make their lives as easy as possible!

Set of basic tools – Because sometimes, if you want to be helped, you have to help yourself.

2 jerrycans – Keep them filled up. Always. You never know if the next petrol station in 200 km will actually have any petrol.

GPS – Getting lost is fun… but arriving at the day’s destination is too.

Car charger for the cigarette lighter – Keep your phones charged, always have your cameras ready for the next amazing shot

Car papers – Without, you won’t even get into Russia

Tow rope – Let’s hope you won’t need it.


For Yourself

snow central asia rally
This is an option too, but we do recommend to bring some warm clothes… (Image: Travel Scientists)


Winter jacket– You might just need it for a day or two, but on those days you’ll be VERY grateful for it.

Gloves – See above.

Clothes for hot weather – But consider that we are traveling through conservative countries, so we suggest – for men and women – to dress modestly.

Underwear – Depending on how often you want to change it…

Hat/cap – To protect your pretty head from the sun.

Something nice – If you want to dress up for our finish party.



Camera  plus spare batteries – If you don’t want to rely just on your phone

Power banks –  Yeah, you can charge your phone while driving, but you need the outlet also for your GPS and there will be times when all members of your team run out of battery at the same time.



duct tape central asia rally
Some say, there are cars that are held together only by duct tape… (Image: Travel Scientists)

Passport – Should be a no-brainer, right?

Any medication you might need and – highly recommended – pills to reduce the symtoms of high altitude sickness.

First aid kit – You never know where and when you’ll break a nail that needs to be tended to.

A bottle of  Russia’s finest voka – To celebrate each days achievements

Sunscreen – You won’t be able to avoid a trucker’s arm, but at least let it be taned and not sunburned

Cash in USD or EUR – Sometimes exchanging is easier than finding a working ATM and you’ll get a better rate.

Old mobile phone with strong battery – You remember that old Nokia that has one bar of battey left sind August 1999? Now is the time to dig it out again.

Toilet paper – You are welcome.

Munchies and some instant noodles for emergencies (only makes sense if you also bring a gas cooker too…)

Duct tape – The universal problem solver!


Consider Bringing…

break central asia rally
Some bring furniture and half of their kitchen, but you’ll be fine without. Really. (Image: Central Asia Rally)

Tent and sleeping bag for emergencies – It’s like with an umbrella. When you bring one, you won’t need it.

Foldable chairs and a table – If you want your lunch breaks to be really comfy.


Last but not least: Don’t forget your teammates!


Thanks to our packing list now you know what to bring, but don’t forget to actually apply for the Central Asia Rally too!


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